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DPLK is a retirement benefit scheme where employee after pension age shall obtain a monthly income so that the retiree remains financially stable, independent to others.

DPLK program is set up by employer whereas the money contribution may come 100% from employer or partly from employees. Under DPLK program, all fund accumulated from contributions can not be touched until retirement. The accumulated contributions to the program continue to increase as interest or investment income is added. DPLK will also function as an ‘Individual Retirement Account” allowing individuals to set up their own personal program. The main advantage of DPLK is its transferability to another DPLK scheme when employees move to work for other employers. At the moment, DPLK programs are very popular in most develop countries as a way to save money for retirement on a tax deferred basis within agreed limits by laws.

According to the laws, the institutions allowed to sell DPLK programs are fife insurance companies and banks who have met certain criteria.

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