WEJE Competitive Advantages

Indonesian version

Our individuallity as the first and sole player in employee-benefits consulting has rewarded us with a first-mover advantage over future newcomers. Yet, what truly defines our identity as a provider of choice is the fact that we are managed by a trustworthy management board that oversees a team of dedicated experts in insurance mangement and actuary, who come from health, life, as well as general-insurances businesses.

Our consultants possess the relevant product knowledge, intitution, analytical aptitude, and communication skil-all of which are essential in pinpointing and diversifying risks as well as exploring behind the ‘observables’ – to develop a complete understanding of the client’s situation. Such ability is proven advantageous particularly when deciding whether a certain benefit should be insured or self managed.

Not less importantly, our expertise is already acknowledged by the insurance industry – evident by an assortment of certifications awarded by a range of professional-standard bodies.