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One problem that will most likely appear after the HRD implemented an Employee Benefit Scheme is the possible fact that the scheme may look appropriate but in fact harmful. It is usually evident in the level of employees’ anxiety, discomfort, complaint, absenteeism, poor job performance, high turnover and, in severe cases, physical withdrawals. All of these are the manifestation of dissatisfaction which will, undoubtedly, harm productivity and affect the quality of work life.

In other cases, for a reason of minimizing financial risk, many organize try to deliver their Employee Benefits Scheme by outsourcing it to insurance companies. However, the organization may not get what it deserves, such as:

1. Unsuitable benefit provision.
2. Poor terms and conditions of policy contract. I Less competitive premium.
4. An unexpected after sales service.
5. More severe administration burden.

The impact of al I above will certainly influence the whole performance of the organization.

We formulate our solutions / recommendations based on an integrated, end-to-end approach that takes into account various crucial factors.

We extract and process the information in a series of detailed and thorough qualitative analysis, as well as computation of formulas and equations. Sumultaneously, we collaborate with the clients to exchange ideas in order to advance the work in progress.