About Us

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PT WEJE MANDIRI UTAMA, known as WEJE, is a consulting firm dedicated to providing companies with the most innovative and creative solutions in Employee Benefits Planning such as Health Plan, Personal Accident, Term Life, Pension Scheme as well as other insurance related services.

We believe that in today’s competitive environment any company will face the challenge of attracting, developing and retaining highly skilled and motivated employees as to keep the company in a secure position in the market. We understand the needs of our clients; hence we position ourselves to develop quality solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals. It is simply a vision of service through quality advice and full commitment that we will always help our clients plan their employees’ benefit scheme.

Let us go hand in hand in a long term partnership forgrowth and more growth.

To become the best solution provider in Employee Benefits Planning.


  1. To help organizations design the most adequate Employee Benefits.
  2. To assist organizations in selecting the best Employee Benefits insurance provider with the most effective and efficient outcomes.
  3. To establish Employee Benefits monitoring in line with current market condition to ensure organizations stay competitive.