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By paying relatively small premium, this policy pays lunip stim payment if an employee covered tinder the insurance dies due to any cause, either by sickness or accident occurring anywhere and anytime in the world. The amount of suni insured given to the employees can be formulated based on multiplication of monthly salary ranging from 12 to 48 times monthly salary, or based on the level of the employee in the company for instance: IDR 200 million for manager, IDR 100 million for supervisor and IDR 75 million for other staff,

Group life insurance can be extended with additional insurance benefits, i.e.:

  1. Personal Accident
    This benefit is payable as an addition to life insurance. Personal accident covers death or total permanent disablement due to an accident.
  2. Permanent Disability This benefits is payable as an acceleration of life insurance benefit. Permanent Disability Insurance assures the employees if the,v stiffer permanent disability arising Out of sickness or accident such as stroke, renal failure and major burn which cause an employee unable to perform his current job based on his education and experience.

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