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To become the best solution provider in Emplyoee Benefits Planning.

About Us

PT WEJE MANDIRI UTAMA, known as WEJE, is a consulting firm dedicated to providing companies with the most innovative and creative solutions in Employee Benefits Planning such as Health Plan, Personal Accident, Term Life, Pension Scheme as well as other insurance related services.


One problem that will most likely appear after the HRD implemented an Employee Benefit Scheme is the possible fact that the scheme may look appropriate but in fact harmful. It is usually evident in the level of employees’ anxiety, discomfort, complaint, absenteeism, poor job performance, high turnover and, in severe cases, physical withdrawals. All of […]


Fully supported by our professional, experienced staffs, we are here to help and solve your concerns on how to manage Employee Benefits Program in your organization to be much more effective and efficient. Our expertise and services are available for your advantages, i.e.: To design the most appropriate model in Employee Benefits either by Self […]

WEJE Competitive Advantages

Our individuallity as the first and sole player in employee-benefits consulting has rewarded us with a first-mover advantage over future newcomers. Yet, what truly defines our identity as a provider of choice is the fact that we are managed by a trustworthy management board that oversees a team of dedicated experts in insurance mangement and actuary, who come from health, life, as well as general-insurances businesses. Our consultants possess the relevant product knowledge, intitution, analytical aptitude, and communication skil-all of which are essential in pinpointing and diversifying risks as well as exploring behind the ‘observables’ – to develop a complete understanding of the client’s situation. Such ability is proven advantageous particularly when deciding whether a certain benefit should be insured or self managed. Not less importantly, our expertise is already acknowledged by the insurance industry – evident by an assortment of certifications awarded by a range of professional-standard... 

Health Program

Self Administration Salah satu program dimana perusahaan mengelola sendiri program kesehatan karyawannya. Seluruh manfaat yang telah dijanjikan kepada karyawan dituangkan dalam bentuk Kesepakatan Kerja Bersama antara perusahaan dan karyawan. Mengingat biaya perawatan kesehatan dapat berubah setiap waktu, jenis program manfaat ini dipandang kurang efektif. Third Party Administration Salah satu program dimana perusahaan menyiapkan anggaran tapi mempercayakan pihak ketiga untuk mengelolanya.... 


By paying relatively small premium, this policy pays lunip stim payment if an employee covered tinder the insurance dies due to any cause, either by sickness or accident occurring anywhere and anytime in the world. The amount of suni insured given to the employees can be formulated based on multiplication of monthly salary ranging from 12 to 48 times monthly salary, or based on the level of the employee in the company for instance: IDR 200 million for manager, IDR 100 million for supervisor... 


DPLK is a retirement benefit scheme where employee after pension age shall obtain a monthly income so that the retiree remains financially stable, independent to others. DPLK program is set up by employer whereas the money contribution may come 100% from employer or partly from employees. Under DPLK program, all fund accumulated from contributions can not be touched until retirement. The accumulated contributions to the program continue to increase as interest or investment income is added....